• Oils not listed here are available on special order
  • Data sheets will be provided when purchasing oils and can also be obtained from the distributors.

Product CodeProduct Description
NAZ50001Hydraulic Oil 10
NAZ50002Hydraulic Oil 20W
NAZ50003Hydraulic Oil 32
NAZ50004Hydraulic Oil 32ZF
NAZ50005Hydraulic Oil 40
NAZ50006Hydraulic Oil 46
NAZ50007Hydraulic Oil 46ZF
NAZ50008Hydraulic Oil 50
NAZ50009Hydraulic Oil 68
NAZ50010Hydraulic Oil 68ZF
NAZ50011Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil
NAZ50012Multipurpose R&O Oil
NAZ50013Compressor Oil 32
NAZ50014Compressor Oil 46
NAZ50015Long Life Compressor Oil 46
NAZ50016Compressor Oil 68
NAZ50017Gear Compound Oil 68
NAZ50018Gear Compound Oil 150
NAZ50019Gear Compound Oil 220
NAZ50020Gear Compound Oil 320
NAZ50021Gear Compound Oil 460
NAZ50022HVI 32
NAZ50023HVI 46
 NAZ50024Lubricating Grease EP2
NAZ50025Lubricating Grease EP00
NAZ50026Lubricating Grease Lithium EP Semi Fluid
NAZ50027Lubricating Grease HTB No2
NAZ50028Dielectric Lubricant
NAZ50029Slideway Lubricant 68
NAZ50030Airine Oil 22
NAZ50031Cutting Oil 22S
NAZ50032Rock Drill Oil 68
NAZ50033SAE10 Flushing Oil
NAZ50034Heat Transfer Oil 22
NAZ50035Heat Transfer Oil 32
NAZ50036Machine Cutting Oil
NAZ500372000 Hour Vaccum pump Oil
NAZ50038Hydraulic Jack Oil ISO VG 32

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