Nazoil is a registered trademark of Oil products and lubricants from Nazoil Ltd with headquarters in London. The name Nazoil, its associated logos and product names are all trademarks of Nazoil Ltd, London.

We believe in Good quality and Excellent customer service.

All Base Oils and Additives are from reputable companies and they are then blended to produce lubricants.

We supply all types of Fully and Semi-Synthetic Oils for Petrol and Diesel Engines including Cars and Trucks, Marine Oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids, various types of Lubricating Grease for Factories and Machinery, 2 Stroke Oils for Motor bikes, Anti Freeze etc.


All products are Quality controlled and undergo stringent quality checks. The products are manufactured in the UK and meet UK and European requirements and carry all appropriate specifications. The lubricants are manufactured to improve the fuel economy and maximise engine life.

Random products also independently tested to confirm their Density, Kinematic Viscosity, Flash Point COC.

All Base stocks and Additives are purchased from approved suppliers. Base Oils and additives are checked for quality prior to blending.

All products meet the requirements of OEM Manufacturer's specifications, API grades and ACEA grades.

All products are quality assured through laboratory analysis process and sample retained for audit purposes prior to being filled and despatched.

All Automotive Oils meet the J300 requirements, Gear Oils meet J306 viscosity requirements and Industrial Oils meet ISO VG standards. All batch numbers have traceability.

All products are listed on our Products page. Safety data sheets and Technical sheets are provided during purchase. If there is a specific oil you require and its not listed, please contact the Sales Team or your local dealer.

Our subsidiary company in Europe is Raje s.r.o. based in the Slovak Republic. The Automotive parts division called Raje Auto is managed by our Slovak company.


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